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Western Rib® (7.2 Panel) Inside/Outside Foam

Western Rib®(7.2 Panel) Inside/Outside Foam Closure Strips
(Grey, Box of 100)

Foam closure strips that will fit most 7.2" pitch & 1.5" deep panels. This foam will work with:
    • Western Rib®
    • AEP Span HR-36
    • MBCI 7.2 Panel
    • McElroy Mega Rib
    • Metal Sales IC72 Panel

Our universal foam closure strips for symmetrical Western Rib® and 7.2" panel metal roofing panels can be used on either side of the panel – sealing out unwanted pests, blocking sunlight, and to seal the ridge cap to prevent wind, rain, and snow from collecting under the ridge cap and panels. Weather Gard® Closure 799433
    • For use with Western Rib® metal roofing panels: Western Rib®, AEp Span HR-36, MBCI 7.2 Panel, McElroy Mega Rib, Metal Sales IC72 Panel.
    • Installs Inside or Outside, above or below the panels.
    • Foam closure strip available in 3 ft. strips. No Adhesive.
    • Foam closure strips in stock in boxes of 100 (300 ft. coverage)
    • 1" wide polyethylene foam
    • Weathertight and help to seal out wind, water birds, light and noise.
    • Help to seal the ridge cap and prevent wind and rain from penetrating beneath the ridge cap.
    • Neopreme closures available by special request only.

Features & Benefits of Foam Closures

    • Durable – Resists a wide range of temperature extremes and blocks vapor transmission. Does not shrink, bleed, dry out or dissolve when exposed to extreme weather and UV condition. Does not absorb moisture and is highly resistant to most chemicals.
    • Versatile –These flexible and lightweight closures are designed to perform in your particular building environment and are available in a variety of widths to meet a wide range of customer specifications.
    • Sound Absorbing - Reduces noise migration by filling in the gaps where the corrugated metal roofing panels meet the support wall providing a virtual acoustic barrier from outside noise.
    • Snug Fitted– Our foam closures offer an interlocking dovetail design and are weather tight to help seal out wind, water, birds, and noise.

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